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massage for epilepsy
Illness & Massage

Massage: The complimentary treatment for Epilepsy

15th July 2017

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder which is believed to affect more than half a million people in the UK. The main symptom of epilepsy is unprovoked and uncontrollable seizures which can cause death in the most extreme cases. Although the

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modern dance
Sports & Massage

How sports massage can make you a better dancer

5th July 2017

Dancers can glide with ease across the dance floor, elegantly twisting their bodies and capturing the audience’s attention with show-stopping acrobatics while maintaining a beaming smile on their faces. After years of practice and seemingly endless hours of intense rehearsals,

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massage for cancer
Illness & Massage

The benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients

30th June 2017

Many cancer patients across the world use massage therapy to enhance their quality of life whilst undergoing treatment. Various studies have proven that massage therapy has many short-term benefits for cancer patients, especially in terms of psychological well-being and the

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